• 1st Wednesday back to school in September: General Meeting, followed by Little Aggie/Big Aggie.
  • Get Lucky Dance (AKA Welcome Back Dance): gives new members a chance to meet each other, and gives old members a chance to reunite.
  • Bar None Kickoff/ Industry Meet and Greet: A night to come out and meet/thank our incredible Bar None sponsors.


  • Band in the Sand: Head to Lakeland College with a group of Aggies for Band in the Sand: a super fun cabaret! Hosted by Lakeland College Student Groups.
  • Ag Bag Drag: Head to the University of Saskatchewan with a group of Aggies to have the best weekend ever at Ag Bag Drag: a weekend long cabaret! Hosted by the U of S Agros.


  • Farmfair International: One of Canada’s top agricultural shows.
  • BAR NONE TIMEEEE!!!: Super fun and exciting events happening everyday during the week leading up to the big event. Saturday night = Bar None.


  • Christmas Dinner


  • Aggie Grad Fundraiser Dance: A chance to come out and have some fun while helping raise money for our Aggie grad event held in March of each year.


  • Macgregor-Smith Public Speaking Competition: A public speaking competition organized by our 3rd year representative and ran by members of the Ag club. A great opportunity to showcase your public speaking skills!
  • Curling Weekend: Arguably the best weekend of the year. A weekend of competing in a friendly curling tournament with your Ag Club friends!


  • Aggie Grad: A special event that Ag Club puts on each year to celebrate our members who are graduating and to honor the “Teacher of the year” (Professor who was nominated and voted for by the most Ag Club members).
  • Ski Trip: A chance to spend a weekend skiing, snowboarding, or even just hanging out at the mountain with your Ag Club friends!
  • Fishing Trip: A super fun weekend of ice fishing and skating with your Ag Club friends!


  • Pig Roast: One of the most fun nights of the year, held in the Crop Sciences building on South Campus. The final celebration of the end of the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about joining Ag club or what we do? Check out these FAQ’s.

If your question is not answered here do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: How do I join?

A: The best way to join is to come out to our first meeting of the year, which is almost always on the first Wednesday after the beginning of the school year at 5:00pm. If you can not make it then, swing by our office in Ag/For 2-23 or attend one of our general meetings at 5:00 on the first Wednesday of every month. You can also always send us an email or a message with your interest in joining and we will get you signed up!

Q: I am not in Agriculture, can I still join?

A: Absolutely! Ag Club is open to all students across all faculties! Although many of our members are in Agriculture, we also have students from Science, Business, Education, Engineering, Arts and much more!

Q: I didn’t grow up on a farm can I still join?

A: Of course! Ag club is open to all students from all different backgrounds weather you grew up on a farm or in the city Ag club is a welcoming environment for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved!

Q: How big of a time commitment is Ag club?

A: We know that our members are super busy with classes, friends, other committees or clubs, extracurriculars, sports teams, and much more. That is why YOU choose how much time you want to commit to Ag club and how involved you want to be. There are no requirements to participate in or attend any events, your level of commitment is entirely up to you and what fits into your schedule best.

Q: How do I get more involved in Ag club?

A: Attend our general meetings on the first Wednesday of each month to avoid missing out on opportunities to get involved! Throughout the year, Ag Club hosts many different events including the popular Bar None week events, Curling weekend, Ski trip, Pig Roast, and more! All of these events require help from our members’ to be run. If you are interested in helping out, contact our VP Social, Bailey Dickie at badickie@ualberta.ca or the Bar None Director in charge of Mini Events.

Q: What is Bar None?

A: Bar None is one of the largest student run country cabarets and celebrations of agriculture across the prairies, with proceeds going to STARS Air Ambulance. This event is typically held in the middle of November, and the Aggies spend the entire week leading up to Bar None building up excitement around campus! For more info and for this year’s schedule of events and headliners, visit the Bar None page.

Q: How do I get tickets to Bar None?

A: Bar None tickets will be sold at various locations on campus for the week leading up to Bar None. You can also purchase tickets online at any time! Check the Bar None page for more information about online and in-person ticket sales for 2022.

Q: I am from a different school, and I’d really like to come to Bar None. Do I have to buy my tickets online to get them ahead of time?

A: We accommodate students and student clubs/groups from other schools by creating a “Bar None Ticket Package”. This way you and your friends and/or fellow club members can participate in as many of the week’s activities as possible leading up to the main event! We reach out to many different Universities and Colleges across the prairies about Bar None Ticket Packages, if you know who from your school or club has been in contact with us, get in touch with them first. Otherwise please contact barnone@ualberta.ca and we will make sure you get your tickets!

Q: My company would like to come and speak to the Ag Club about different job opportunities we have. Who should I contact to set this up?

A: Our Vice President External is Amanda Hardman, and she will be happy to work with you on setting this up! Amanda can be reached by email at ahardman@ualberta.ca

Q: How do I get taken off of the mailing list?

A: Click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “unsubscribe”. Simple as that!

Q: How do I become an AIT or AIA member?

Check out the following links for some more information and requirements on how to become a member!

Link to the AIA website: https://www.albertaagrologists.ca/

Benefits of being a student member of the AIA and AIA student application link: https://www.albertaagrologists.ca/site/approved-course-lists

U of A approved course list: https://www.albertaagrologists.ca/site/approved-course-lists

Check out the PDF below of the AIA pre-approved degree programs

General Yearly Schedule

This is a rough idea of what a typical year in the University of Alberta Agriculture Club looks like

Have any questions about this? Contact us!

Meet Our Executive Team

The University of Alberta Agriculture Club Executive Team is a group of hard working, passionate, and driven students who care about the members of the Agriculture Club and the University and are always available to answer any questions.

To get to know the members of the 2022/2023 Executive Team click the button below!

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