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Last updated: February 27th, 2020

Being a member of Ag Club provides you with a great network for when you are looking for a summer job, or after you graduate. We sometimes have companies present at our meetings, and they often bring pizza as well! Jobs will be posted as they come in so be sure to check back to this page often.

Have a job you think Aggies might be interested in? Whether it’s in the field of agriculture or not, if you’re looking for hard working, down-to-earth, dedicated individuals, Ag Club has the people you need! Send company title, job title, job description, application deadline, application requirements and contact information to Genna Friend at to see your job posted here!

  • McEwen Job Postings

Summer Sales/Agronomy Associate

  • Cargill Job Postings – Available through March 2, 2019

Operations Management Intern 2019

Agronomy Summer Intern 2019

Sales Summer Intern

Commodity Trading Associate

Agronomy Research Intern

Crop Input Associate

Commodity Trading Associate

Protein Sales Intern

Protein Sales Management Associate

Grain Sales Associate 2019

Operations Management Associate 2019

  • Diamond Dust Acres LTD- Enchant, AB

Job Information

  • West-Central Forage Association

Summer Field Technician

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