The 2019 Bar None Headliner is … Dan Davidson!

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The 2019 Opener is… Julia Vos!

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Past Acts:

2018- Chris Buck Band, and Drew Gregory

2017- The Dungarees, The Blake Reid Band, and The Northbank Stranglers

2016 – Aaron Pritchett, Drew Gregory, and Aces Wyld

2015- High Valley and Lindsay Broughton

2014- Chad Brownlee and Jess Moskaluke

2013- Brett Kissel and Alee

2012- Jason Blaine

2011- Deric Ruttan

2010-Aaron Lines

2009- Craig Moritz

2008- Gord Bamford

2007- Julian Austin

2006- Jason Blaine

2005- Craig Moritz

2004- Aaron Goodvin and Fast Line

2003- Gord Bamford

2002- Chad Klinger

2001- Doc Walker

2000- KC Jones

1999- Farmers Daughter

1998- Brett Barrow

1997- The Johner Brothers & Latigo

1996- Poverty Plainsmen & Livestock

1995- Poverty Plainsmen & Livestock

1994- Dean Mitchell Band

1993- Curtis Grambo

1992- Tommy Rogers

1991- Brian Sklar & Prairie Fire

1990- The Michael Brothers Band

1989- C.C. Ryder & the Wagoneers

1988- Alibi & the Weekend Whiskey Band

1987- Prairie Oyster

1986- The Lone Star Cattle Company

1985- Showdown

Any many more till the ever first opening in 1948 with Norris Pacey and his Orchestra

6 Responses to Headliners

  1. Rebecca says:

    Is Bar None 2013 cancelled? The event at the Shaw

  2. Tracy says:

    Will tickets be available at the door?

  3. Phil Pichonsky says:

    I played with the Aggie band “Livestock ” in 1979-1981 looking for the old band members. Help please.

    • agclub11 says:

      Hi Phil! Great to hear from you, if you give us a little more information we’d be happy to help, do you remember the band member names? You can email us at agclub@ualberta.ca! The ALES faculty on campus has a great registry of alumni members!

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