President: Edith Peeters

Edith comes from a dairy farm out in Calmar, AB and just finished her 3rd year of University where she is pursing a BSc in Ag, majoring in Sustainable Agriculture. Edith has been heavily involved in Ag Club since starting school and currently holds the position of President.

“I love agriculture because I get to spend most of my days outdoors working with animals and crops! My favourite part of Ag club is definitely the members We all have similar interests and we always have a good time no matter what! I love my Aggies!”

Vice President Social: Aidan Kirps

Vice President Academic: Carly Hughson

Hey! My name is Carly Hughson and I am excited to be this years VP Academic! I was raised on a beef and grain farm just north of the Montana border. I am in my fourth year of BSc Nutrition and Food Science, Food Business Management. This year I will be working full time managing the sales and marketing of the Spirit Hills Honey Winery so if you’re ever at a farmer’s market come and say hi! 🙂

I love agriculture for the opportunities it bring to get to work with family and friends. Aggies are all just one big family! Come and join our family!

Vice President External: Alyssa Henderson

Public Relations: Jenay Visscher

Secretary: Adele Beaudoin

Hi! My name is Adele Beaudoin, and I am from a Bison cow-calf operation east of Innisfail, Alberta. I’m going into my second year of a BSc in Agriculture, a major in sustainable systems. This year I am excited to take on the role of secretary. Last year I had the privilege of being first year rep, so if anyone is interested in taking on that position, feel free to ask any questions!

It is because of the ever-changing nature of this business that makes me excited to study, and someday work, within the agriculture industry! I joined Ag club to meet people who have similar passions and an understanding of a rural lifestyle. 

Although things with Covid will make this year unique, I am excited to see the creativity and ingenuity that will go into making this year, at the very least, memorable.

Treasurer: Etienne de Jongh

I’m from Whitecourt AB, but originally hail from the tropical coasts of South Africa. As the first generation in my family to grow up in a city (if you can call Whitecourt a city), I’ve always looked for ways to remain attached to my agricultural background. Here, at the university of Alberta, I get to keep that connection strong both by studying Animal Health with the Faculty of ALES, and by getting to know the best Aggies in the province (aka the Ag Club a the U of A). I’m currently in my 4th year of Animal Health at the university of Alberta, majoring in companion and performance animals, and I have the privilege of working with the Agriculture Club as their treasurer. I hope I can use the next few years at the U of A not only securing my future, but remaining established in my past.

Men’s Sports: Lewis Rogers

Women’s Sports: Anastasia Ambrose

Fourth Year Representative: Julia Pratt

Third Year Representative: Caelan Mitchell

Caelan comes from northern Alberta near a town called Eaglesham where her and her family grain farm (everything from forage crops to cereals to legumes). She will be heading into her third year of a BSc in Agribusiness Management this fall.

“I grew up farming and don’t plan on ever leaving. I love the sense of community in the agriculture industry and how welcoming everyone is! I found Ag Club to be a great way to meet likeminded people. I also find it super cool to talk to people that are from so many different backgrounds and interested in so many different areas of agriculture.”

Second Year Representative:


First Year Representative:

Still available to be filled!

Bar None Directors:

-Grace Nimco

Brandon Wagner

My name is Brandon Wagner and I am in my third year in the BSc in Agriculture program majoring in crop science. I was born and raised on a beef and grain operation about an hour west of Edmonton. 

I love the lifestyle that agriculture provides along with the people that are in it. I wouldn’t want to be in any other industry! The University of Alberta Aggies are a great group of friends that are always down to have a good time! Ag Club is a great way to meet people with similar interests and has made my time at the U of A a great one!

Curtis Vos

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